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The best spots for amazing pictures on Galveston Island

Galveston Island is a beautiful place to visit.

We have a great beach that is miles and miles long and offers lots of different types of scenery.

Some of the beaches are sandy flat expanses and other parts have beach dunes and wild flowers!

 The far west Galveston beaches usually have the most and biggest sand dunes and sometimes have wildflowers.

The far eastern end of Galveston island has a unique vantage point of the ship channel and the super large ships and Cruise ships  that pass through the channel as they go out to the Gulf of Mexico.

And we have the other side of the island where the bay meets the Island.  The bay-side offers some unique places to photograph too.

Galveston Island State Park is a great place to go for some neat pictures!  But on your way out there (it’s west of 61st street) stop along the way and explore the many public access beach areas.

Another great place to photograph is in the historic downtown area in Galveston. Places to visit are the historic Strand, the Post Office Street Arts and Entertainment District and all the surrounding areas.  

Galveston has really interesting historic architecture which always makes for interesting pictures.

And the really great thing is that you can get amazing pictures with your smart phone camera as well as a point and shoot or a DSLR.

Check out these great pictures taken on Galveston Island on our super fun Galveston Island Photo Tour!

Galveston Photo Tours featuring historic buildings- this image taken with an iPhone!

Galveston historic building photo taken with an iPhone!


Galveston Photo Walks offers a photo tour of Galveston that will show you how to take better pictures while taking you to some new and unique Galveston sites!


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