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5 Easy Tips For Better Vacation Pictures!

5 Easy Tips For Better Vacation Pictures!

Galveston Photo Walks tours teaches you how to quickly sum up a point of interest and decide which angle will get you to best picture!

People tell us that they have used  our simple photography tips again and again to get great pictures!

So whether you’re on Galveston Island or in France, these simple but powerful tips will make your vacation photos stand out!

You will even want to display your photos on the wall at home or at the office!

Galveston Photo Walks will help you take amazing pictures during your Galveston Island vacation!

Five Simple Photography Tips That Will Make You A Better Photographer!

1. Always look for the best “background”!  If I had a dime for every person I have seen take a picture of someone with a busy street as the background instead of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico… I would be RICH!

2. Look for your “point of interest” and take out any distracting things by changing your angle or walking closer to it. If you can’t make your point of interest the center of the attraction… consider NOT taking the photo!

3. Look for shadows, tree limbs, or other things that may distract from the point of interest.  Again, you may want to pass if you can’t see the subject clearly.

4. Don’t get hung up on having the right camera!  Many of the pictures on this site were created with an iPhone, even though we also shoot with a multi-thousand dollar professional camera for our other job (Owner-Photographer – Susan Henry Photography)

5. Found the perfect spot for your vacation picture? Challenge yourself to photograph it from 2-3 different angles! You’ll learn to “see” in a new way and won’t have three pictures of the exact thing taken at the exact same angle to edit later!

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