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What’s the best time of day for a great picture of Galveston Beaches?

I LOVE watching Galveston photo tour participants when the AHA moment happens!  And luckily for me – it happens every time I lead a photography tour!  It’s fun to show you how easy it is to get better pictures while you are on vacation on Galveston Island. And the best part is that once you learn a few simple things you’ll get better pictures every time you take out your camera!

Galveston photo walks teaches you to be a better photographer!

Beautiful photograph of the sun rising on Galveston beach! Learn how to take great pictures like these!

But here’s the BIG SECRET… Getting better pictures while you’re on vacation in Galveston doesn’t require you to have an expensive camera- or lens! Nor does it require you to have a lot of technical knowledge! You can get “wall worthy” pictures from your vacation in Galveston by following these simple steps. Why not print this out and take it with you when you head out on your next photography junket?

Sunset is a great time to photograph Galveston beaches!

Wow, the colors are softer and more pastel at sunset on the beach in Galveston! try to photograph the same subjects at different times of the day and see how different they will look!

Five Simple Steps for Great Pictures!

  1. LOOK before you shoot.  Walk up to around the object you want to photograph and think what is in the picture that doesn’t belong.
  2. Where is the sun?  In most instances the sun helps light your subject the best when it’s behind you.
  3. Dare yourself to photograph three completely different angles of every subject.  This will open your eyes to many more ways to photograph!
  4. Most people never consider photographing from very low angle looking up or a very high angle looking down.  Doing this can make a normal subject look very interesting.
  5. The best time to photograph Galveston beaches is anytime!  The AHA moment mentioned above came to a Galveston Photo Walk Tour participant when she realized that she could photograph the same subjects at different times of the day and get completely different results each time because the sun would light it differently


iPhone pictures that you

Can you believe this picture was taken with an iPhone! And was not altered in any way. Taking great vacation pictures is really easy when you know these easy steps!

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