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Galveston Island.. Learn to be a better photographer.. shoot this… not that!

Galveston Island.. Learn to be a better photographer…

Shoot this… not that!

Check this handy info graphic to learn some easy photography tips to create better pictures while you’re on vacation on Galveston Island!


When you go on a Galveston Photo Walk photo tour with us, we teach you quick and easy tips  you can use all the time when you want (or need) to take a great picture!

These are skills you’ll use every time you grab your camera… and they are super easy!

For instance, look at the photo above to see how you can learn to SEE better!

Camera’s these days are really good at taking care of all of the technical details, so it’s up to you to compose for the right picture.

Did we use an huge zoom lens?

Did we crop the photo in Photoshop How did we do it?

First of all, we decided what would make the best “focal point” or the center of attention for the photo.

Then we simply walked from the front of the Church to the side of it and composed this shot using a modest zoom lens to take this picture!

Simply walking closer to whatever you are photographing can make your pictures stand out!

So when you have the itch to take a picture, STOP and think about what you can do to make it better before you even raise your camera to your eye.

Galveston has some of the most amazing architecture, and this Church reflects that.

We wanted to photograph this Church, but we needed to figure out what exactly would work given the lighting, shadows, cars and other distractions.

Notice on the first picture how there is a strong shadow on the face of the Church?

That would have been very distracting and would not make a great picture.

So by noticing the shadows, we were able to see that the statue was the most photogenic part of this scene at this time of day.

So now all we had to do was to walk closer to the statue and decide what to include in the picture.

We decided to include the tropical palm trees because they are so much a part of Galveston!

The lesson here is to select your subject, then take out anything that takes away from your subject in any way.

Look at each detail & ask “does this belong?”

If the answer is no, find a way to remove it, block it, or minimize it in your picture!

Just imagine how much you’ll learn when you come along with us on a Galveston Photo Tour!  Reserve your spot on our Galveston Photo Walk and walk your way to being a better photographer!

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How To Take Creative Pictures During Your Galveston Island Vacation!

Grab your point and shoot camera, your DSLR camera or your cell phone (yes even your cell phone!) and get ready to learn a few tricks and tips to take better vacation pictures!

First, don’t worry about the weather! Right now, it’s cloudy, windy and just plain not inviting on the beach!

But one of the really great things about photography and creating art is that you can always “see” things that inspire you!

So when the weather is bad… no matter where you are, challenge yourself to go out and get at least one interesting picture!

More than likely, you’ll be amazed at what you find to photograph! Just check out the pictures below to see how you can find interesting picture ideas when you least expect it.

All you have to do is LOOK!

2014 Galveston Island Photo Tours

Galveston Island Beach and Historic Downtown Photo Tours

A cloudy day at a Galveston beach turns into a treasure trove of great pictures!  And these were ALL taken with my iPhone 5c without any manipulation!

Galveston Photo Walks offers cool photo tours on Galveston Island

Galveston Photo Tours helps you discover the island and teaches you how to take awesome vacation pictures !  This photo was taken on a really BLAH day at the beach!  And it was taken with an iPhone 5C !  So grab whatever camera you have and come with us on a photo tour of Galveston Island and take home amazing pictures just like this one!

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Welcome to Galveston Photo Walks | Walking Photo Tours Galveston

Regardless of your skill level, if photography is your passion, Galveston Photo Walks will inspire and guide you to take amazing pictures in this historically and nature- rich island city.

Our photographers are experienced and well versed in the many different camera types so that they help you unlock the potential of your camera to capture amazing pictures.

They are also patient teachers and love to help people that share their passion for photography.

You will take home the best souvenirs, a new understanding and knowledge of your camera, exceptional photographs that you’ll be happy to hang on the wall at home AND memories that last a lifetime!

This photo walk is designed to inspire your creativity and allow you to learn new ways of using your camera. Imagine all the amazing pictures you’ll take during your stay on the Island with your new-found zeal and knowledge!

Not only will you take home wall-worthy photographs, but you’ll also get our secrets to better pictures tip sheet to take home with you so that you can refresh your memory about what you have learned.

Galveston Photo Tours take you to exciting locations on Galveston Island

Learn how to become a better photographer with Galveston Photo Walks Tours

Galveston Island Photography Tours

Grab a camera and come with us on a fun walk through downtown Galveston Island! Our Photo Tours will take you to unique Galveston locations where you’ll be shown how to get the best photographs!


Galveston Photo Tour Takes You To Unique Galveston Places For the Best Pictures!

Galveston Photo Tour Takes You To Unique Galveston Places For the Best Pictures!

Hope to see you on our next Galveston Island Photo Tour!

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